6 June 2011

Busy Girl... Searching for weekends away!

Evening Girls,

I know i keep saying i'll do my fave fake tan review but i've been majorly bogged under at the moment with various rubbish that i really really can't be arsed to do!

3 A levels to sit in the next three weeks, the 1st starting on friday so my mind is full of facts from the cold war and sino soviet-split (You're yawning at the thought, yes??)

On top of this, the lover is getting on my nerves today so i'm in a stressed out / in need of a spa day - kind of mood! mmmmm spa's....

Now, talking of spas... me and said lover have been considering the options for a holiday this summer, and i think we might go on a few long weekend get aways rather than the usual 7-10 day holiday. Question is.. where?!

I've already booked the first of our long weekend away! woohooo! After searching around i settled on a boutique hotel in Brighton - strange choice for me as i'm usually the first to go for london or a spa hotel in the middle of the country..but after finding our hotel and googling the shopping and bars in Brighton i'm actually very excited!

I've booked the 2nd most expensive room in the hotel *giggle* which comes complete with a CIRCULAR bed and open plan bathroom - not only this but a free bottle of £50 champagne on arrival too! I cannot wait! I love exploring new (shopping) places and from what we've researched the shoppings not at all bad! The hotel *http://www.myhotels.com/my-hotel-brighton/index.html* has a feng shui theme throughout and has been designed so that everything is curved - including walls! The reception looks like one big chrome pebble! There are crystals everywhere too. I really hope its as nice as it looks - we haven't paid £500 for nothing - especially for 2 nights away!! (I shall do a post inc pics when i've been!)
This is the room we've booked!

Thinking maybe few days in Barcelona too - later on in July.. and maybe a cheeky spa hotel in the country too. I love those big old hotels in the middle of nowhere where everything's just big and cosy and you have nothing to worry about - not even shopping ;) Careys Manor in the New Forest is a place i love, and the Senspa spa is DIVINE.

I'm stressed at the moment, need a good old mud bath, full body massage, and a chill out in the jacuzzi/steam rooms/sauna etc.

One amazing spa i went to is in the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin - A.MA.ZING.  Loads of  steam rooms with various smells, an ice room with a plunge pool and centre piece full of crushed ice to rub all over (thats not dirty, don't get the wrong idea now). Then those showers with the massive rainforest heads, with loads of settings and flashing lights for your own in shower disco! Ahhhhh i want to be there now!!

Can anyone recommend any spa weekends for me and the lover? Or weekend locations in general? Here or abroad.

Let me know!

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