18 July 2011

It's been so long!!

Hello pretty ladies,

I haven't blogged in so long i must apologise to you all - and say a big fat HI to my newest followers!!
Been absolutely tied down with everything from work and lover problems *hmph*.

Conclusion from the last few weeks: I dislike the male population.

ANYWAY, enough of that nonsense.. I'M BACK!! WOOHOO!!
And not only am i back, i'm back with some kickass nails that will have all the girls jealous!!
You wanna see i hear?

Ok then..

How hot are these badboys?
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything animal print - especially leopard print, so these are right up my street.
There's two layers to the design, the bottom being a metallic chrome, so the individual leopard print "blobs" are silver and shiny, and catch the light!!

Where are they from i hear you scream?
I bought them from Boots for £7.69, and they are the "Broadway" make (Broadway Fashion Diva's to be precise) I always use Broadway nails are they are the best ones i have tried and stay on for ages. I love love love them!!

I managed to leave the box elsewhere so cant get a direct pic of it for you but the box looks like this:

These are not the same design as mine though

Definitely worth a buy, and they come in LOADSSSS of other designs too!!
Take a peek here: http://www.broadwaynails.com/products/design-nails/go-glam-celebrity-style/


               India xx

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