3 June 2011

I don't want elephant feet!!...

Morning girls,

1st ever post is done and i'm coming to grips with how to do this! The blog's not finished yet as i'm still adding things and learning what to do!

I thought i'd take half an hour this morning to add a post to the blog, whilst looking after my two "tearaway toddler" sisters. After dressing themselves in ridiculous clothes and running wild for the last few hours, its safe to say they've both settled down to watch a film *phewww*.

So.. i've recently added to my heel collection, YAY, and i thought i'd share with you the two new pairs of beauties! The first pair are a beautiful pair of skyscraper wedges from River island, which my gorgeous boyfriend bought for me as one of my birthday presents! I was a very lucky girl this year when it came to my presents and got some amazing jewellery, shoes, and bits & bobs. I even got a penis shaped cake from my friends... (no comment).

Back to the wonderful wedges though! - They are a gorge pair of white floral print wedges which are perfect for dinner and drinks on a summer's evening. I wouldn't really wear them in the day, but they are perfect for a relaxed night out. Wearing them out into town on a saturday night would also be a big no-no for me, as i'd hate to ruin them with the stains from people spilling their drinks!

I also went shopping with the boyfriend yesterday, to a big shopping centre in Southampton called West Quay. I haven't been there in years, so it was a fun drive up to Southampton for a bit of retail therapy! Of course i headed to the shoe shops and went straight to ALDO - whose shoes i LOVE. I instantly fell in love with their platform heels, and got stuck on which pair to buy! There were 3 lovely pairs of patent platforms - in red, nude and taupe, as well as a pair in leopard print. After trying on all 4, over and over again, and getting the opinion of many people in the shop, i settled on the red pair!!

I must also add that the service i received from the ALDO staff was fantastic. They insisted on getting me different sizes and colours, and one man even dragged me around the shop to ask the opinion of other shoppers! - I could have stayed in there all day!

Also GIRLS - He showed me that at the bottom of the receipt is a web address and a code. You fill out a survey online using the code, about how the service was, and in return you receive another code which enables you to 15% OFF YOUR NEXT ALDO PURCHASE!! How good can it get!?!

Although now i want all 4 pairs.... hmm.. i did love the nude colour as well as the Taupe - perfect with a pair of skinny jeans on an evening out.
Being a platform shoe, and therefore VERY narrow, I had to get the size up *weep* :( but the shop assistant reassured me that she also had to do this when she bought a pair of these shoes. They're a perfect fit in terms of width but i have a small gap at the back of my foot, so gel heel grips are a must! Although I'm now conscious i'll look like i have elephant feet!!

             India xx


  1. Those wedges are absolutely beautiful! Definitely want them! Xx

  2. The RI ones are gorge. I live near Southhampton, haven't been to WQ in a while though. :) x