3 June 2011

A weekend full of rugby players, pimms & partying...

Evening girls,

I'm going to continue with reviewing tomorrow - my fave fake tan! For now though, i thought i'd tell you a bit about what i did last weekend. As you can see from the title of this post "A weekend full of rugby players, pimms & partying...", it's pretty self explanatory!

Living in Bournemouth, i went with lots of friends to the Rugby 7's festival - held in Bournemouth every year. It's a huge event, i think it might be the biggest of its sort is Europe actually.. so living here is pure luck! Having friends that are rugby players, a few of them competed which was good to watch.

Yes, he really is THAT big!!

In the day, we watched the matches and drank copious amounts of redbull (we were all hungover from the night before!). The weather let us down a bit, but on the sunday the sun decided to make an appearance. Its a great festival if you like rugby ( I actually enjoy watching it believe it or not) but the REAL reason everyone goes is because of the parties on the saturday and sunday nights - with the sunday night closing party being fancy dress. This year it was a Where's Wally theme which was hilarious - although trying to find someone amongst 1000s of people when you're all dressed in red and white stripes is not the easiest thing in the world!

Can anyone see wally?

The atmosphere is amazing and everyone is just buzzing to have a good time. There are huge marquees, full of people dancing and having a fab time. Jaeger bombs are everywhere you look, along with pimms and snakebite. Once we'd had a few, it was straight up on the tables for a dance, the music's great, the people are all having an amazing time and best of all - you're SURROUNDED by rugby players!

So, for everyone looking for a good time, complete with drinking, rugby players and dancing until the early hours - i insist you come to Bournemouth next year on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June for the next 7's festival. You will love it!

              India xx

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