About me & this blog

Hello all!!
I'm India, i'm 18 and live in Bournemouth in the UK.
I'm an avid lover of shoes, sparkly cocktail rings, makeup, hair, nails, perfumes, shopping, and anything sparkly & pretty!
I'm a bit crazy and love going out and having a good time - whether it's casual drinks on a sunny evening or partying in town until the early hours, i'll be there (in my heels of course).
 NV-This is a blog about all of my interests and loves (as stated above), as well as reviews of products, shops, new finds, and the odd ramble about my life and what i've been up to.
Come September, i'm hoping to do a BA Hons degree in hospitality management, and in 10 years time i wish to have my own business in this or the events industry. Keep your eyes peeled for a business called NV-This♥ in the future ;)

That's just a small overview of me. I hope you enjoy NV-This♥ !! If you have any questions and what not feel free to email me - i'll receive it instantly as i'm attached to my Blackberry!

              India xx