18 July 2011

It's been so long!!

Hello pretty ladies,

I haven't blogged in so long i must apologise to you all - and say a big fat HI to my newest followers!!
Been absolutely tied down with everything from work and lover problems *hmph*.

Conclusion from the last few weeks: I dislike the male population.

ANYWAY, enough of that nonsense.. I'M BACK!! WOOHOO!!
And not only am i back, i'm back with some kickass nails that will have all the girls jealous!!
You wanna see i hear?

Ok then..

How hot are these badboys?
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything animal print - especially leopard print, so these are right up my street.
There's two layers to the design, the bottom being a metallic chrome, so the individual leopard print "blobs" are silver and shiny, and catch the light!!

Where are they from i hear you scream?
I bought them from Boots for £7.69, and they are the "Broadway" make (Broadway Fashion Diva's to be precise) I always use Broadway nails are they are the best ones i have tried and stay on for ages. I love love love them!!

I managed to leave the box elsewhere so cant get a direct pic of it for you but the box looks like this:

These are not the same design as mine though

Definitely worth a buy, and they come in LOADSSSS of other designs too!!
Take a peek here: http://www.broadwaynails.com/products/design-nails/go-glam-celebrity-style/


               India xx

6 June 2011

Busy Girl... Searching for weekends away!

Evening Girls,

I know i keep saying i'll do my fave fake tan review but i've been majorly bogged under at the moment with various rubbish that i really really can't be arsed to do!

3 A levels to sit in the next three weeks, the 1st starting on friday so my mind is full of facts from the cold war and sino soviet-split (You're yawning at the thought, yes??)

On top of this, the lover is getting on my nerves today so i'm in a stressed out / in need of a spa day - kind of mood! mmmmm spa's....

Now, talking of spas... me and said lover have been considering the options for a holiday this summer, and i think we might go on a few long weekend get aways rather than the usual 7-10 day holiday. Question is.. where?!

I've already booked the first of our long weekend away! woohooo! After searching around i settled on a boutique hotel in Brighton - strange choice for me as i'm usually the first to go for london or a spa hotel in the middle of the country..but after finding our hotel and googling the shopping and bars in Brighton i'm actually very excited!

I've booked the 2nd most expensive room in the hotel *giggle* which comes complete with a CIRCULAR bed and open plan bathroom - not only this but a free bottle of £50 champagne on arrival too! I cannot wait! I love exploring new (shopping) places and from what we've researched the shoppings not at all bad! The hotel *http://www.myhotels.com/my-hotel-brighton/index.html* has a feng shui theme throughout and has been designed so that everything is curved - including walls! The reception looks like one big chrome pebble! There are crystals everywhere too. I really hope its as nice as it looks - we haven't paid £500 for nothing - especially for 2 nights away!! (I shall do a post inc pics when i've been!)
This is the room we've booked!

Thinking maybe few days in Barcelona too - later on in July.. and maybe a cheeky spa hotel in the country too. I love those big old hotels in the middle of nowhere where everything's just big and cosy and you have nothing to worry about - not even shopping ;) Careys Manor in the New Forest is a place i love, and the Senspa spa is DIVINE.

I'm stressed at the moment, need a good old mud bath, full body massage, and a chill out in the jacuzzi/steam rooms/sauna etc.

One amazing spa i went to is in the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin - A.MA.ZING.  Loads of  steam rooms with various smells, an ice room with a plunge pool and centre piece full of crushed ice to rub all over (thats not dirty, don't get the wrong idea now). Then those showers with the massive rainforest heads, with loads of settings and flashing lights for your own in shower disco! Ahhhhh i want to be there now!!

Can anyone recommend any spa weekends for me and the lover? Or weekend locations in general? Here or abroad.

Let me know!

3 June 2011

A weekend full of rugby players, pimms & partying...

Evening girls,

I'm going to continue with reviewing tomorrow - my fave fake tan! For now though, i thought i'd tell you a bit about what i did last weekend. As you can see from the title of this post "A weekend full of rugby players, pimms & partying...", it's pretty self explanatory!

Living in Bournemouth, i went with lots of friends to the Rugby 7's festival - held in Bournemouth every year. It's a huge event, i think it might be the biggest of its sort is Europe actually.. so living here is pure luck! Having friends that are rugby players, a few of them competed which was good to watch.

Yes, he really is THAT big!!

In the day, we watched the matches and drank copious amounts of redbull (we were all hungover from the night before!). The weather let us down a bit, but on the sunday the sun decided to make an appearance. Its a great festival if you like rugby ( I actually enjoy watching it believe it or not) but the REAL reason everyone goes is because of the parties on the saturday and sunday nights - with the sunday night closing party being fancy dress. This year it was a Where's Wally theme which was hilarious - although trying to find someone amongst 1000s of people when you're all dressed in red and white stripes is not the easiest thing in the world!

Can anyone see wally?

The atmosphere is amazing and everyone is just buzzing to have a good time. There are huge marquees, full of people dancing and having a fab time. Jaeger bombs are everywhere you look, along with pimms and snakebite. Once we'd had a few, it was straight up on the tables for a dance, the music's great, the people are all having an amazing time and best of all - you're SURROUNDED by rugby players!

So, for everyone looking for a good time, complete with drinking, rugby players and dancing until the early hours - i insist you come to Bournemouth next year on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June for the next 7's festival. You will love it!

              India xx

Best smelling body cream i've ever used!...

Good afternoon girlies,

Recently i've started using a new body cream & thought i must share it with you!! Its made by Baylis & Harding and is called "Skin Spa - rich intensive body cream". I got it as a present, and it came in a lovely packaged box along with two other Baylis & Harding Skin Spa products.

It smells divine and not only leaves my skin feeling soft all day, i also smell yummy all day as well! I regularly get comments that i smell lovely when wearing the moisturiser.

The cream is a "luxury spa formula" and is formulated with sugar cane, basil & lime - strange combination i know, but my oh my do they smell good!

If you can get your hands on this, i'd thoroughly recommend it!

             India xx

I don't want elephant feet!!...

Morning girls,

1st ever post is done and i'm coming to grips with how to do this! The blog's not finished yet as i'm still adding things and learning what to do!

I thought i'd take half an hour this morning to add a post to the blog, whilst looking after my two "tearaway toddler" sisters. After dressing themselves in ridiculous clothes and running wild for the last few hours, its safe to say they've both settled down to watch a film *phewww*.

So.. i've recently added to my heel collection, YAY, and i thought i'd share with you the two new pairs of beauties! The first pair are a beautiful pair of skyscraper wedges from River island, which my gorgeous boyfriend bought for me as one of my birthday presents! I was a very lucky girl this year when it came to my presents and got some amazing jewellery, shoes, and bits & bobs. I even got a penis shaped cake from my friends... (no comment).

Back to the wonderful wedges though! - They are a gorge pair of white floral print wedges which are perfect for dinner and drinks on a summer's evening. I wouldn't really wear them in the day, but they are perfect for a relaxed night out. Wearing them out into town on a saturday night would also be a big no-no for me, as i'd hate to ruin them with the stains from people spilling their drinks!

I also went shopping with the boyfriend yesterday, to a big shopping centre in Southampton called West Quay. I haven't been there in years, so it was a fun drive up to Southampton for a bit of retail therapy! Of course i headed to the shoe shops and went straight to ALDO - whose shoes i LOVE. I instantly fell in love with their platform heels, and got stuck on which pair to buy! There were 3 lovely pairs of patent platforms - in red, nude and taupe, as well as a pair in leopard print. After trying on all 4, over and over again, and getting the opinion of many people in the shop, i settled on the red pair!!

I must also add that the service i received from the ALDO staff was fantastic. They insisted on getting me different sizes and colours, and one man even dragged me around the shop to ask the opinion of other shoppers! - I could have stayed in there all day!

Also GIRLS - He showed me that at the bottom of the receipt is a web address and a code. You fill out a survey online using the code, about how the service was, and in return you receive another code which enables you to 15% OFF YOUR NEXT ALDO PURCHASE!! How good can it get!?!

Although now i want all 4 pairs.... hmm.. i did love the nude colour as well as the Taupe - perfect with a pair of skinny jeans on an evening out.
Being a platform shoe, and therefore VERY narrow, I had to get the size up *weep* :( but the shop assistant reassured me that she also had to do this when she bought a pair of these shoes. They're a perfect fit in terms of width but i have a small gap at the back of my foot, so gel heel grips are a must! Although I'm now conscious i'll look like i have elephant feet!!

             India xx

2 June 2011

Well this is new...

Evening everyone, i'm India and i'm 18 and live in Bournemouth in the UK. I'm new to the world of blogging so you'll have to give me time to adjust!!

So.. what do i do now?? I'll tell you a bit about myself and what my blog will (hopefully) become.
Im a half Italian brunette with a love of shoes, make up, hair, perfume, diamonds and anything sparkly!!
My dream pair of shoes is a pair of Louboutin Ambertina Bejewelled heels - slight problem is the price tag of $2,395 (God knows how much that is in GBP!!) I'm saving for these beauties none the less and will make sure i have them by the time i'm 25!!
Aren't they Amazing? >>
I could shoe shop all day every day, and love everything from skyscraper platforms to gladiator sandals but mainly adore heels. Bright colours, sparkles, things that make you say "wow" is what i love as well as subtle neutrals that will go with anything and everything! I tend to base my outfits around my shoes when it comes to wearing heels, as that is the first thing i look at when looking at a girl's outfit! I will keep you updated on my purchases, along with shoes i find and adore enough to share with you!

Another love of mine is nails. I can't stand going out if my nails aren't done and in a gorge colour! I am a self confessed fake nails addict, and rather than spend loads of £££ going to get them done, i do them myself. I've been doing them for so long now i can whack on a whole new set and have them painted and ready to go in 15 minutes!

Every girl loves her make up and perfume, and i'm a huge fan of MAC & Benefit, as well as the usual brands of MaxFactor, No7, Maybelline etc.

So... that's me? I hope you enjoy the blog!!

           India xx