3 June 2011

Best smelling body cream i've ever used!...

Good afternoon girlies,

Recently i've started using a new body cream & thought i must share it with you!! Its made by Baylis & Harding and is called "Skin Spa - rich intensive body cream". I got it as a present, and it came in a lovely packaged box along with two other Baylis & Harding Skin Spa products.

It smells divine and not only leaves my skin feeling soft all day, i also smell yummy all day as well! I regularly get comments that i smell lovely when wearing the moisturiser.

The cream is a "luxury spa formula" and is formulated with sugar cane, basil & lime - strange combination i know, but my oh my do they smell good!

If you can get your hands on this, i'd thoroughly recommend it!

             India xx

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