17 January 2012

Beauty and Recovery. By: Jackie Clark

If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer or any other cancer that women routinely suffer, it might be all that is on your mind. Problems like cancer require an inordinate amount of inner strength to combat, and you may be surprised at where these sources of strength come from. For example, you may take joy and excitement from volunteering, from putting more time into your family and friends or from yourself. When you look deep inside for strength, you will be surprised by how much there is, and you may be startled to see how much of it comes from your own beauty.
The question of what beauty really is something that has been troubling people for years. Is it something that comes from inside or is it something that can only be created through a careful conjunction of makeup and fashion? It will not surprise women who have worked with both fashion and makeup that the answer is likely both. The truth of the matter is that people may only be beautiful if they are beautiful on the inside; if they are kind, generous, and forthright, they are definitely beautiful people no matter what. On the other hand, if these same people take a little time with their makeup and their clothing, they will certainly be beautiful for everyone else to see!
Take a moment to remember a time when you knew that you looked your best. Think about how it felt when you were dressed to the nines and you had your make up done perfectly. You knew that the beauty was something that you created and that you had done very well. Did you know that if you have a bounce in your step, it makes you grin wider? When you put effort and time into the way you look, you feel much better about things, and that is something that you can use.
If you are toiling under a cancer prognosis, you need to find out what you can control. Control is something that helps you feel stronger about your life and what you can do about it, and at the end of the day, if you are taking the time to put yourself in control, you will see things much more clearly. Think about the boost that comes from feeling good about how you look and think about putting that boost towards your recovery.
When you want to take control of your life, start small. Consider your favorite type of makeup and your favorite clothes. Make the effort to wear them again and to incorporate them into your wardrobe. This is something that creates a huge amount of difference in your life so make it work for you!

Jackie xx

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